New Literary Delights Coming Soon

During this past year of lockdowns, we decided to revisit all our books and bring out new editions, starting with our most popular book, Romping through Ulysses. As hinted at above, we are also working on new Joycean gifts for you. Here is the first one based on the new illustration for the ‘Penelope’ episode from our guide which will be available as card and print. We hope you say ‘Yes!’

The next new edition we have in store for you is Romping through Dubliners. We have also given it a makeover with added colour and even a new cover image. Joyce’s series of unfortunate events has given us plenty of inspirations for new titbits, why don’t yous and of course, brand new illustrations. We can’t wait to hear what you think! And as it ’tis the season, to accompany the new edition, we are also launching a literary Christmas card based on the dinner in ‘The Dead’, our favourite short story from the collection. 

Our new guideĀ and gifts will be available from 28 October 2021.

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