At it Again! Magic Show video

It’s a kind of Magic!

Hocus Pocus Literarius! Take a peek through the curtain to see the inspiration behind our magic show video. With the launch of the new Romping through Irish Literature Collection and website, we wanted to show how we conjured our pocket guide books into your hands.

With each new book, the trick for us is to bring the essence of the original story into our guides along with maps, illustrations and the magic of the authors. As fans of vaudeville and the silent movie era, a homage to the kings and queens of slapstick was the way to go. A magic show in the atmospheric setting of The Liquor Rooms allowed us to show the many ingredients that go into our pocket books. With our bag of props, costumes and grease paint, we transformed ourselves into Professor Metaphori and his beautiful assistants, and even managed to get James Joyce to make a guest appearance using smoke and mirrors! We had lots of fun making it and we hope you enjoy watching it.

At it Again! Magic Show video

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