Making of Romping through Ulysses by At it Again! Colour Tests

How we Made ‘Romping through Ulysses’

Another way we use the inspiration we talked about in our last blog, was to explore the overall look of At it Again! To that end, we brought in Ronan from A Worthy Cause, a graphic designer, who provided a fresh pair of eyes. He was fantastic to work with as he understood what we are all about from the very first meeting. It’s refreshing to work with like-minded creatives that add to your cauldron of ideas. 

Here is some of our early work exploring new fonts:

Exploring Fonts At it Again!Exploring Fonts At it Again!

Next we dived into the world of colour. One of the things we love about mid-20th-century illustration is its use of spot colour. So we decided to infuse our illustrations with a spot colour for each book. For Romping through Ulysses we have now gone for a punchy blue with a hint of the ‘greek blue’ of the original cover of the first edition of Ulysses. This new edition of Romping through Ulysses is bursting with colour!

Here are early test prints:

Making of Romping through Ulysses by At it Again! Colour Tests

Next we turned to our writing. We re-worked our words again - as any author or filmmaker will tell you, editing is where the magic happens! Maite went down the rabbit hole of James Joyce and Ulysses-related articles and academic papers hunting for new titbits. Luckily Niall was on hand to pull her out again. Phew! We asked our beta readers (people who review your book when it is in first draft and give feedback from the viewpoint of a reader) to help us pick quotes for each chapter. And lastly, we splurged on a professional copy editor and proofreader who gave our new edition a thorough onceover. 

With the writing in good shape, we let Niall loose on the drawing board.

AtitAgain! RompingThroughUlysses_Storyboard

Are you excited to see how it all came together? Find out in the next instalment . . .

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