Earth Day 2021

Earth Day Oscar Wilde Quote At it Again!

Made Locally and Sustainably

Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate this day, we wanted to share with you how we try to do our part to sustain the life of our planet here at At it Again!

Made in Ireland and sustainability are two of our main business values that are close to our heart. As a native German, Maite was practically born in a recycling bin and raised by a Spanish father who loved to police the use of lights and water!

It's very important for us to work with local suppliers, retailers and organisations. Our authors are made in Ireland and we promote and celebrate Irish literature. And wherever we can, we use sustainable materials. 

We use two types of papers: One is made from 100% recycled paper and not bleached which is why it retains the lovely brown quality and rough texture that you like so much. The other is a high-quality uncoated, acid-free and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper. Both materials are carbon-neutral. 

When it comes to keeping it local, we mean that literally. Our printer, PlusPrint is 10 minutes up the road in Glasnevin. Apart from being award-winning printers, they are also leaders in sustainability. They recycle their print waste, use renewable energy, chemical free plates and alcohol free dampers on their printing presses. 

Our other local supplier, Klee Paper, is also 10 minutes down the North Circular Road towards Phoenix Park. We are not only keeping it local, but also Joycean with the location of our suppliers ;). Klee Paper provide us with recycled and biodegradable packaging. 

We are constantly looking for ways on how to make our products more environmentally friendly where possible. We try to reuse waste and reduce plastic in our home and studio space even in small ways like replacing our plastic At it Again! stamp with a lovely old-style wooden one. To keep us going during the production of our new editions, we rely on vegan treats from local bakery bear lemon. We don't own a car but use a car-sharing service for deliveries and pickups.

Niall Delivering At it Again! Gifts
Bear Lemon treats for working on Romping through Dracula by At it Again!

For our adventures in the city, we use the old legs as the characters in Dubliners and Ulysses or hop on a Dublin bike. And with our pocket guides we want to give you a peek through the keyhole into the world of Irish literature to inspire you to go out and discover and explore Irish authors, their books and the places that inspired them.

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