Bloomsday 2020

Bloom's Breakfast Bloomsday 2020

Bloom's Breakfast

Bloomsday 2020

What did you do to celebrate Bloomsday this year? We hoped that our Romping through Bloomsday Activity Guide gave you lots of ideas. We started our day with a Bloomsday Breakfast of (slightly burnt) kidneys along with toast, eggs and washed down with a mug of tea. 

Buying Kidneys for Bloomsday 2020
Cooking Kidneys for Bloomsday 2020
Bloomsday Breakfast with At it Again!

We then dressed up for the occasion and after buying some Gorgonzola cheese and wine, we took a stroll to Glasnevin Cemetery. 

At it Again! paying respects at the grave of James Joyce's father
Bloomsday Lunch at Glasnevin Cemetery

We got to feed the birds and the squirrels along the way and closed our eyes while listening to sounds around us.

Shut Your Eyes and See
Squirrels at Glasnevin Cemetery
Feeding the Birds - Lestrygonians

After some late-night munchies, we got a kiss on the cheek, gazed at the stars and said YES!

Damn Bad Cakes
Kiss on the Cheek

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