Green Friday Sale

The Green Friday campaign has been gaining momentum over the last few years. It centers around sustainability and against the frenzied buying of the Black Friday Sale. It encourages us to not only spend time with our friends and family and give back instead but also to shop sustainably buy supporting small local businesses. 

To support this campaign, we are giving you 15% off all our prints from Friday to Sunday. Give somebody a piece of Irish literature to remind them of their favourite author, book or simply of Ireland. They also make great gifts for men. Just use code GreenFriday21 at checkout.

You can find all our prints here

Green Friday Sale 2021 At it Again!

Literary Christmas

In time for Christmas, we are launching a range of new literary delights for you. Choose from seasonal cards based on James Joyce's Ulysses or Dubliners or Bram Stoker's Dracula or pick up a literary gift set. Find all our Christmas items here

Literary Christmas Cards by At it Again! 2021

He loved to feel the covers and turn over the pages of newly printed books.’

The Dead', Dubliners by James Joyce

At it Again! Romping through Dubliners Out Now

Order Now!

The new edition of Romping through Dubliners is now available to order here with brand-new illustrations, titbits, why don't you's and more. Dip into it if you are wandering Dubliners for the first time or even if you are at it again!

Say Yes!

And Yes I said Yes I will Yes!

We asked you what your favourite illustration from our new edition of Romping through Ulysses is and the answer was clear. The winner is our new visual interpretation of the 'Penelope' episode and Molly Bloom! And now you can bring this lovely and positive  illustration into your home,  send it to a loved one or gift it to somebody for their engagement or wedding. Available as print and card here

Ulysses Yes Card and Print by At it Again!

Romping through Irish Literature 

At it Again! celebrate Irish literature and want to inspire you to explore Irish authors, stories and places and connect with Ireland’s cultural heritage in a fresh and quirky way. We bring a fresh twist and a pinch of naughtiness to Irish literature by distilling its essence through our unique style of design, illustration and writing with our pocket guides and literary gifts.

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