Trinity Welcome Village




At it Again! kicked into touch at the Trinity Welcome Village from 1st – 3rd September. The event was organised for the Aer Lingus College Football Match between Boston College and Georgia Tech.



Over the three days we entertained visitors including the Lord Mayor of Dublin with our literary shenanigans from quizzes to readings from the original books in our Romping through Literature collection. Continue reading

Aer Lingus College Football match

At it Again! at the Aer Lingus College Football Match

American College Football will return to Ireland for the third time in five years with the Aer Lingus College Football Classic between Boston College and Georgia Tech at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium on Saturday, 3rd September, 2016.


As part of the event Trinity College is hosting a Welcome Village with stalls and entertainment running from Thursday, 1st to Saturday, 3rd September 2016. There will be marching bands and cheerleaders and…  At it Again!

Pop by our tent to learn more about Trinity’s famous alumni, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde, tackle Ulysses with us and win some prizes.

How to create your own Bloomsday

Romping through Ulysses by James Joyce.

James Joyce’s Ulysses

The story of James Joyce’s novel Ulysses is set on the 16th June 1904. This day has become known as Bloomsday, after the book’s anti-hero Leopold Bloom. It is celebrated every year around the world. As the main characters Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus journey across Dublin, they experience all of life in one day. Meanwhile, Bloom’s wife Molly is in bed entertaining man about town Blazes Boylan. We love Bloomsday because it is the only unofficial holiday that celebrates a book, its author and the city that inspired it. It’s exciting that you can walk through Dublin like through the pages of Ulysses, imagining meeting the characters along the way.

Romping through Bloomsday

But you don’t need to live in Dublin to escape into the magical world of James Joyce’s Ulysses on the 16th June. All over the world, people celebrate Bloomsday by getting dressed up, reading or acting out scenes from Ulysses, and singing songs from Joyce. Why not enjoy breakfasts, bike rides, afternoon pints and late night naughtiness.

Here are some ideas for celebrating Bloomsday wherever you are…

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Romping through Dubliners pocket guide by At it Again!

Romping through Dubliners Launch

At it Again! launch Romping through Dubliners

New Romping through Dubliners pocket guide by At it Again!

Join us on the eve of James Joyce’s birthday to celebrate the launch of our new book, Romping through Dubliners, in The James Joyce Centre.

​Spend a fun evening with the four creative heads behind Romping through Ulysses. Our new title is based on James Joyce’s series of unfortunate events Dubliners. It’s a fun way to discover Dublin and the places that inspired one of Ireland’s most famous writers. Dip into it if you are soaking up Dubliners for the first time or even if you are at it again! It distills the stories and features maps, things to do and see, titbits and great quotes.

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